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About us

A dialogue between
Eastern and Western experiences and cultures

    CSB is a Non Profit, independent Academic Institution, dedicated to the studying and teaching of the ancient culture of India.  It was founded in 1995 by Marco Ferrini (Ph. D. Psychology).  Its main offices are in Tuscany and its educational programs are offered all over Italy and abroad.  The CSB department, recently named Bhakti Yoga College, was recognized by the State of Florida (USA) as a School of Indo-Vedic Psychology and was granted the license to issue diplomas, certificates and Academic Degrees.
The CSB organizes courses, conferences, seminars and formative events like E.C.M. (Medical Continuing Education) accredited by the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with ASL and Hospice.  It organizes and holds Seminars on The Leadership of Well Being for management of Human Resources.  CSB courses held at Italian University Campuses were recognized by the Italian Education Authority as Continuing Education Courses for teachers and professors, in schools and colleges at all levels.
Various academic researchers and institutions from Italy and abroad maintain a close relationship with the BYC by teaching philosophy, science, art and spirituality of traditional India.
Personalized courses are held with the purpose of developing the knowledge and practical application skills for the rediscovery and management of human resources.  CSB experience is applied to resolve psychological and existential problems, to analyze the human being, to apply the leadership, to assist terminal patients, to educate young generations and to enhance social and family relationships.
The Academy is also accredited to issue Counseling Courses for the Harmonization and the Evolution of Personality, which are recognized by FAIP (Psychotherapy Federation of Italian Associations), and their quality is within the European highest standards.  These courses are three years long and favor the philosophical and psychological thinking of Eastern and Western Countries.  They provide knowledge and methods which can be applied in various professional fields to favor a concrete and more efficient and harmonic development of the personality and interior faculties, the elaboration of unconscious elements and the arising of consciousness.
By combining the ancient knowledge of Indian Tradition with a language and a method suitable to nowadays people and problems, it opens a dialogue between Eastern and Western disciplines with the purpose to offer a holistic approach to knowledge and to develop human potentiality.


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