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Prof.Ferrini's books in university libraries overseas

Prof. Ferrini's books are present in the following foreign libraries:

Yale University USA
Stanford University Library USA     
Library of Congress USA     
University of Texas at Austin USA
Saarländische Universität  Saarbruchen Germania


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The new location of Fondazione Studi Bhaktivedanta

Wednesday, 23 November 2005, we held the official grand opening, with the presence of local authorities, of the new head office of Fondazione Studi Bhaktivedanta, in Via Gramsci in Ponsacco.

The Mayor of Ponsacco, Dr. Alessandro Cicarelli, the Spokesman for the Arts Barbara Guerrazzi, the CSB President, Prof. Marco Ferrini and all the guests, convene in the main hall of the new structure to perform their opening speeches.

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Getting used to Happiness

A sentence from Prof. Marco Ferrini's book "Getting used to Happiness" was published on the  "Tu" magazine dated 11 October 2005 - by Mondadori.

Happiness is not a merit and it isn't the simple consequence of pious activities or the reward for not having indulged in impious actions.  True happiness is that state of deep wellbeing that comes from no one else than ourselves, our deepest spiritual region.


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Publisher News
Many new books from Prof. Marco Ferrini (Ph.D. Psychology) were added to Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta publishing. 
NOTE:  These books are momentarily available in the Italian version only
Getting used to Happiness
Conscience and origin of the universe     
From Eros to Love
Divinity, Humanity and Nature

Karma and Reincarnation
Freedom from Loneliness and Suffering
Thought, Action and Destiny
Psychology of the Cycle of Life
Psychology of Leadership and Wellbeing
Dreaming of Vaikhunta
Betrayal, Rancor and Forgiveness
Yoga and Holistic Health

You may find these books in the  Book Catalogue section.
You can also order them on line by utilizing the form attached (there is a discount up to 20% for on line orders).
For additional information and reservations for our new books, please call the CSB office at 0587 618448 or cell 320 3264838

Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta will participate in the book fair in  Torino, Thursday, 4 May 05, through Monday, 9 May 05.


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Publisher News

2 new books by Prof. Marco Ferrini (Ph.D. Psychology) in Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta publishing:

"Freedom from Solitude and Suffering"
"Betrayal Resentment Forgiveness"

You can find the books in the new section Book Catalogue.
If you want to order them directly online, please fill in the specific form (discounts for online orders - up to 20% off).

For information and bookings of our new publications you can contact CSB secretary:

tel: +39 0587-733730
fax: +39 0587-739898
mobile: +39 320-3264838;

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