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Educational-pedagogical Ideal in accordance with Vedas

Saturday 7 May and Sunday 8 May, Professor Ferrini held two conferences on the “Educational-pedagogical Ideal in accordance with Vedas”, at the University of Bologna (Aula Magna) and at the Civic Museum of Rimini.

During his speech, Prof. Ferrini has briefly explained the educational model of classic India.  He then addressed the problems related to...

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Birth, Death and Destination

in the Vedic Culture and Science
Natural stops in the human being evolution toward Love and Conscience

Professor Marco Ferrini has held a conference at the Gobetti Theater, downtown Torino, on 14 May 2005.  The topics were of universal interests and closely related to any human being:  birth, death and destination.

In view of the Vedas universal knowledge, the lecturer has underlined...

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Harmonization of Personality

Harmonization of Personality and development of Latent Qualities

Emotions and Thought in Yoga Psychology

ChivassoSaturdya 29th January 2005 4 p.m.

Chiesa di San Maria degli Angeli - Via Torino
Lecturer: Marco Ferrini, Founder and President of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta
On Saturday 29th January in the charming Church S. Maria degli Angeli in Chivasso, filled with heterogenous participants,  prof. Marco Ferrini, Ph.D. Psychology, held a conference by the title of Harmonization of one's personlity and development of latent qualities. Emotions and Thought in Yoga Psychology

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Comunication and Awareness

The Leadership of well-being

Torino, Friday 28th January 2005 8.45 p.m.
Centro Congressi Torino Incontra - Via Nino Costa 8
Lecturer: Marco Ferrini, Founder and President of Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta
Free entrance. Booking required

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Harmony between the I, the unconscious and the Self

Yoga Psychology for the development of human resources on the path of spiritual realization

Varese, 16th January 2005 4 p.m.
Centro Congressi De Filippi, Sala Borghi - via Brambilla 15

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